मुंबई लोकल


Our mission is to bring Vancouver an authentic visit to the unique food that makes Mumbai the culinary hub of India.

The idea of Mumbai Local was born during conversations between two Mumbaikars (a Mumbaikar is a person born and raised in Mumbai) during a road trip through British Columbia in 2017. Both dreamt of a restaurant that would serve the distinct flavors of their hometown, Mumbai. It didn’t take them long to convert their dream into reality. Mumbai Local opened its doors to guests in the summer of 2018.

Mumbai is a city of diversity and energy that has adapted regional food into a completely unique local cuisine. Bright colors, fragrant spices and distinct flavors make the metropolitan a culinary destination. Our guests at Mumbai Local can experience the authentic taste of Mumbai with beautifully presented dishes paired with signature cocktails and beverages. Mumbai Local’s dining room features a beautiful 45ft long wall hand painted mural.